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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shit List.

Doing what I do best at work (that would be procrastinating), I just found the most hilarious item on the website perpetual kid. I present to you the Shit List.

The description on the website reads:
"While everybody claims to have a shit list, there's never been a way to turn the metaphor into reality - until now. Bring the power of organization to your grudges, and find psychological well-being through the mere act of writing grievances down.

You know you have one - now do something about it!"
Other similarly funny lists include the Obscenely Important Memo, Things You Do That Really Piss Me Off, and Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy.

1 comment:

Bella said...

This is hilarious... I soo need to make copies of this and hand them out on my last day of work..lol..