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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Penny for Your Thoughts.

Earlier this week, I emptied all of the pennies from my wallet into the Harry Plopper piggy bank that sits by my computer monitor at work (I had AT LEAST twenty cents worth of pennies weighing down my wallet). This morning as I was driving to work, I was going to be extremely early and decided to stop at McDonald's for a fruit and walnut salad and small orange juice, despite having woken up with a severe headache that was making me nauseous and causing me to have no desire whatsoever to eat. (What better way to kill time than by idling in a busy drive thru, right?) After placing my order, the drive thru attendee told me my total was $4.01. As I pulled forward and got my wallet out of my purse to retrieve my money (there is a sign at the drive thru that CLEARLY tells you to have your money ready), I was reminded of my aforementioned penny dumping. It figures after weeks of pennies accumulating in my wallet, the moment I get rid of them is the exact moment I need one. (It is Murphy's Law, after all, which seems to be the predominate law governing my life.) Once I pulled up to the first drive-thru window (I think McDonald's is the only fast food establishment that actually uses both of their drive-thru windows), I handed the drive-thru attendee $10.10. As she entered my tender into the register and was about to hand me my change, she looked over at me and said, "You do know you gave me ten dollars and ten cents, right?" My reply was to chuckle slightly and say, "Yes, I know - I didn't have a penny." A light suddenly came on in her head, as apparently she thought I was trying to engage in some sort of trickery by handing her a dime rather than a penny, when I was simply trying to avoid getting ninety-nine cents in change. Perhaps drive thru attendees are often on the receiving end of pranks, and her mind was on high alert what with today being Halloween and all. You never can tell in this day and age.