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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The dark side of getting older.

Dear Metabolism,

I suffered deep and utter embarrassment today when at the university health benefits fair I had to divulge my weight to a petite (and very much skinny) younger woman.

(Yes, I am at the age now when suddenly because I work on a college campus most everyone must be younger than I am.)

(Except for tenured faculty, of course.)

(And perhaps the secretaries of the various departments on campus.)

I "volunteered" to tell this woman my weight so that she could tell me:
  • (a) that I am obese according to my body mass index (of which, by the way, the Wii Fit had already informed me months ago thankyouverymuch) and
  • (b) that my body fat percentage also lies outside of the healthy range (what a shocker there).
So, my older and increasingly loathed (not to mention much slower) metabolism, would it really be so hard to function at the capacity of my late teens/early twenties?

It sure would make things a whole lot easier on me.

(And by that I mean I could continue to eat whatever I want, whenever I want.)

(After all, the unhealthy choices just taste so much better.)

Begrudgingly yours,
One Not So Mindful Eater


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Pffft BMI is so ridiculous. Mine tells me I'm "overweight" too. Whatever, I can run for 5-freaking-hours, that's healthy enough for me!

Focus on getting HEALTHY and HAPPY don't worry about what the stupid BMI tells you :-)

Emily Jane said...

BMI is stupid! I also am shaking a fist at metabolism - I used to be pencil thin and now it seems I eat one burger and I need to go up a jeans size. BMI doesn't matter too much, as long as you are healthy and happy!!