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Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Random Things About Me.

I have now been tagged by four of my friends on Facebook, so I suppose I better get to it.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. One thing I wish I had never done is color my hair.

2. I pluck gray hairs out of my head with tweezers. Unfortunately, there are too many for me to be able to pluck them all.

3. A pet peeve of mine is when people flick cigarette butts out of their car window while driving.

4. I have trouble making the simplest of decisions.

5. I am an emotional eater. Not so much when I am sad, but definitely when I am angry, frustrated, or some other similar type of emotion.

6. My favorite number is the number eight.

7. My favorite color is purple.

8. I often get asked what high school I attend.

9. I am a creature of habit, and I greatly dislike change.

10. One of my biggest weaknesses is my inability to confront people when I am upset.

11. I long to work a single job without having to put in overtime. As it is, I not only work overtime at my main job, but I also have a second job.

12. I am eternally grateful for those in my life who truly accept me for who I am, and around whom I am able to be my complete self.

13. I often correct grammatical errors in books while I am reading.

14. I greatly miss being a college student.

15. Foul language cracks me up (hence why I love Foamy the Squirrel so much).

16. Sometimes I snort when I laugh.

17. I dyed my hair purple once after I lost a bet.

18. I have had my car broken into twice, and my credit cards stolen three times.

19. I rarely like pictures of myself.

20. I have been listening to the new Kevin Rudolf CD, In The City, on repeat in my car for well over a week now.

21. I don't wear a watch. It's not that I don't like watches, I just haven't found a watch I like since my last one died several years ago (not that I have looked too terribly hard for one, though).

22. The color I wear most often is gray.

23. Music has the ability to lift my mood in a way few other things can.

24. While I am by nature not prone to spontaneity, I do tend to be impulsive in matters of the heart, which often results in my being hurt.

25. I would rather spend the rest of my life alone than spend it with someone who didn't place the same meaning and value on love that I do.

26. Reading through the blog entries I wrote on Xanga in 2005 and 2006 seems like a completely different life to me. I have changed a great deal since that time period, and in my opinion it has not been for the better.

27. Recently I have become extremely forgetful. I used to be able to remember great amounts of detail without a problem, but now it seems I can't even remember the smallest things.

So, I threw a couple of extra things in there. What can I say, I was on a roll. As always, I am not going to tag particular people. If you want to do this, then you will. If you don't want to do this, then you won't. It's as simple as that. :-) I hope some people do participate though, because I would greatly enjoy reading your answers!


Liam said...

1. I don't mind it when women color their hair darker... Coloring their hair lighter is just wrong...

2. I shaved my head for 2 reasons... first I was losing my hair anyways... second I was getting a lot of grey hairs... So I solved the first problem... but the second found its way to haunt me anyways... I discovered grey chest hairs.

3. OMG I know!!! Why is it a mortal sin to through your McD bag out the window but it's ok to throw cigarette butts out???

4. I was going to say something here but decided not to... well maybe I should... oh I don't know...

5. I'm a bored eater.

6. uhhh... I don't really have a favorite number... 16 I guess...

7. Dark green... well actually it depends on what it is.. I have different favorite colors for different things...

8. My HS spelled the name of the school wrong on our diploma covers... *sigh*

9. I guess I am too...

10. OOooo I hate confrontation!

11. I'm so not a company man... clock hits 5p and I'm OUTTA here.

13. Have you seen the book "Eats shoots and leaves?"

14. I'd totally be a professional student if I had the time and money.

15. I love the word "Frak"

16. I don't snort ever. I don't! really! stop laughing at me!

17. I shaved my head on a whim... that was about 18 months ago.

18. I had someone break into our house while we were sleeping... we woke up and he was standing in our bedroom... he threatened us with a "gun", stole my wallet (with no cash) and a broken CD player and left... we immediately canceled the cards so he ended up with nothing.

19. I think I look goofy.

20. Note to self: Look up Kevin Rudolf.

21. I just don't particuarly care for watches... I use my PC to tell me the time or my phone.

22. I wear brown.

23. When I was a teenager and depressed I used to listen to Billy Joel's Greatest Hits... it always cheered me up.

24. Uhh... I don't really have a comment on this one... I've been married too long to remember.

25. See #24.

26. I feel like I've been the same person for ever. Next to the definition of "rut" there's a picture of me.

27. I can remember completely useless crap like what general commanded what battle in the civil war... but I can't remember what my wife asked me to do this morning...

sleepyjane said...

Everytime I visit your blog Breaking Benjamin's "Diary of Jane" runs through my mind. :)

I know it's not relevant to the blog post but I had to share. haha